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    24 creations found on hula-zombie.tumblr.com
    @qicc​’s Summer Florals Hair
    @okruee‘s Hermes Hair
    @cmescapade‘s Cool Rider & Greaseball Hair
    @simstrouble​‘s Aelia Hair
    @natalia-auditore‘s Armand Hair
    @natalia-auditore‘s Helia Hair
    @clumsyalienn‘s Hairs recolors
    @simstrouble‘s Hair
    @qrqr19′s Spinel and Ruby Hair
    @simstrouble​ Summer Blues Hairs
    @dogsill‘s Hairs
    @carolforest‘s Rirrier Hair
    @simstrouble‘s Jamie Hair
    @squeamishsims​‘ Goo Hair and Ombre Bangs
    @casteru​‘s Dahyun Hair
    @softerhaze‘s Ursa Hair
    Holosprite’s Liah Bun
    @kotcatmeow​‘s Hairs recolors
    @simstrouble‘s Hairs Recolors
    @liliili-sims‘ Sharon Hair
    @simandy’s Hairs
    @simcelebrity00​ Hairs Recolored
    @simstrouble‘s VIOLA
    Pipper Portillo
    Display of Affections & Postcards
    Miko Ojo
    Akira Kibo
    TS3 to TS4 Holiday Themed Stockings!
    Layla Amir
    Beckham Thrope