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'Thirteen' & 'Fourteen' - everyday summer clothes for AF by Voeille
Sleepwear LOVE Collection by play jarus
Paul Frank Underwear - Days of the week by Primrose
Style Icon by roshimitzu
*Dots madness*- set of dresses by BerneseLand by BerneseLand
*Silk and Lace Fantasy*-dresses by BerneseLand by BerneseLand
Laura Ashley Dotted Swimsuits for kids by Primrose
Underwear Collection SIMSIONATA (MAXIS recolour) by play jarus
Colorful Teen Pajama Trio by SparrowsWench
Teen Female Brown Outwear by Viv.
The Simple Life- A Teen Collection by Allure_gal
PJ's party for YA and AF by lenasha
Oh! What a Feeling - 6 Apartment Life Dress Recolours (NON-DEFAULT) by Sadisticpyro
*Dream Wedding*-wedding gowns by BerneseLand by BerneseLand
Wasabi Outerwear Camouflage-Style for male teens, YAs and adults by Randir
Laura Ashley Dotted Swimsuits for kids (Part 2) by Primrose
Flower Jumpers with Boots by fakepeeps7
Björn Borg Breifs for teens by Primrose
set of 8 eyeshadows by lurania
Cool men tops by the black steed
Casual elegance: classy dresses for teen females by Mikexx2
Collection POWERPUFF GIRLS for everyday by play jarus
Late Summer: dresses for grannies with & without aprons by lenasha
~Splash~ New Mesh - 5 Skirts with Rainboots for your girls by Abbey12388
Teen Sexy Gothic Lolita Outfit by Serena_Moonstone
Three sets of untuckable tees for adult females by slkn
Coats for a Rainy Day by Katananicolai200
SOPHISTICATE; 4 dresses for teen girls (1/21 ADDED ADULT VERSION!) by Kyrelle
Sweaters & Jeans by play jarus