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    19 creations found on nell-le.tumblr.com
    Pixicat Simple Boots (Child & Toddler Version)
    Pixicat Simple Boots N2
    Bruised Face
    Darte77 Joker Outfit Recolor
    Female Model Pose Pack N2
    Pixicat Lolita Shoes
    Pixicat Simple Boots
    Female sim without name №33
    Rings Tattoos
    [NELL] Face Veins
    Sport Stockings
    Jojo’s Poses
    LazyEyelids - Сhild Dress (Recolor)
    Ade - Hurrah (Retexture)
    Male sim without name №32
    Lenses N4
    Bandage Set
    Male Model Posepack N2
    Male sim without name №31
    Cigarette Burns
    Lenses N3
    Gothic Lolita Tights
    Bloody Face
    Face Scars
    Lips N2
    Constellations Tights
    Lenses N2
    Male Model Posepack N1
    Nose Cuts
    nell-le Face Tattoo and Bloody Mouth