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    Star Ear Piercing
    LeahLilith Ragnar Hair 4to3 by nemiga-sims
    Slay Classy Maxine Dress TS3 by nemiga-sims
    RedheadSims Naine hair braided & RedheadSims Naine hair dreadlocks by nemiga-sims
    PralineSims Think Hole earrings & PralineSims Think Hole choker by nemiga-sims
    Nitropanic Chika by nemiga-sims
    Elliesimple Super Destroyed Shorts for Sims3 by nemiga-sims
    NitroPanic Cropped Bomber 4to3 by nemiga-sims
    Magnolia-CC Idol Necklace for Sims 3
    Grafity-CC Kali earrings for Sims 3 by nemiga-sims
    AntoSims North Hairstyle 4to3 by nemiga-sims
    LeahLilith Lala Hair 4to3 by nemiga-sims
    RedheadSims Daisy Hair 4to3 by nemiga-sims
    PralineSims Now Hoops Earrings 4to3 by inanaereshkigal
    PralineSims Piercing Set 26 4to3 by inanaereshkigal
    Slay Classy Loop Top 4to3 by inanaereshkigal
    Marigold Fur Jacket (accessory) by nemiga-sims
    Sierra Curls Conversion by indecisivesimsx
    omfgingers Advent Calendar Day 21
    omfgingers Patterns 12-3-16
    Anto System | Anto Coral | Newsea Chambers | Newsea Jamesina
    Mango Juice by simtalic
    FxF Couple Poses by ceyia
    Cakenoodles Leggings
    Reveal TheFkn Sims bun 2 by revelar-os-fkn-sims
    Movic Lipstick by golyhawhaw
    American Girl dolls by omfgingers
    kero skin by inanokun
    SIMS 4 TO SIMS 3 CONVERSION by chillsimmer
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