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    69 downloads found on thesimsresource.com/luckiselki
    Winter Bunnies - Canvas' [REQUIRES CITY LIVING]
    Winter Bunnies - Vertical Cards [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    Winter Bunnies - Horizontal Cards [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    Waxsim Candles: Fresh Fruits [MESH NEEDED]
    Birthday Cards (Set 3) [MESH NEEDED]
    Birthday Cards (Set 2) [MESH NEEDED]
    Winter Bunnies - Casual Sweaters
    Winter Bunnies - Postcards
    Birthday Cards (Set 1) [MESH NEEDED]
    Christmas Cards (Set 8) [MESH NEEDED]
    Christmas Postcards (Set 5)
    Yuletide Cards (Set 2) [MESH NEEDED]
    Christmas Cards (Set 7) [MESH NEEDED]
    WaxSim Candles: Christmas (Set 5) [MESH NEEDED]
    Hanukkah Cards (Set 3) [MESH NEEDED]]
    Hanukkah Canvas (Set 1) [REQUIRES CITY LIVING]
    Good Luck Cards [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    Christmas Cards (Set 6) [MESH NEEDED]
    WaxSim Candles: Christmas (Set 4) [MESH NEEDED]
    Graduation Cards [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    WaxSim Candles: Christmas (Set 3) [MESH NEEDED]
    Winter Solstice Cards (Set 3) [MESH NEEDED]
    Christmas Cards (Set 5) [MESH NEEDED]
    Leaving Cards [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    WaxSim Candles - Christmas Candles (Set 2) [MESH NEEDED]
    Hanukkah Cards (Set 2) [REQUIRES SEASONS]
    Christmas Postcards (Set 4)
    Winter Solstice Cards (Set 2)MESH AND SEASONS REQUIRED
    Winter Solstice Wall Canvas (Set 1) [REQUIRES CITY LIVING]
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