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209495 / may 12, 2018

SimsDom Rights

SimsDomination is a free website where creators can upload their own creations or users can suggest creations they find around the internet.

- Creations can't be uploaded to SimsDomination without the creators permission. If you have any of your creations uploaded to SimsDom, feel free to contact us and ask to remove it.

- We do not need permission to suggest/recommend creations found on the internet. Links can be shared everywhere: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter... We will always link back to your website. Don't contact us asking to remove suggestions to your website, we won't remove them. If any of your creations was suggested linking to other website, you can ask us to edit to the correct destination.

We do not steal any content. All the creations shared with us were uploaded by their own creators. People can share links everywhere. People can copy a link and share on Facebook. It does not mean Facebook is stealing your content. Facebook is linking back to your website. We work the same.

You can't DCMA us! Be sure you agreed to the Electronic Arts terms. You don't have rights to any content related to The Sims. Read the terms here.

Users are not allowed to upload creations without the creators permission. We respect their works. But they can't decide where people will share their links. We will always redirect back to their websites.

Best regards, SimsDomination team.


gabi Até mesmo por que se eu fosse uma criadora de conteúdos para o jogo, ficaria feliz em ter meu conteúdo indicado aqui. É mesmo uma pena que nem todos pensam assim.
may 28, 2018 1