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227477 / october 11, 2018

We do not steal creations

SimsDomination is getting bigger and many players are loving to use our platform to find the best creations shared around the internet. For this reason, some creators and websites are spreading fake information about us.

We do not steal any content. SimsDomination works linking many creations to other websites. Creations you find here, you can also find on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Sims4Updates.net, Sims4Downloads.net and other websites. They also have ads to keep their websites working for free. We really don't understand why some creators say SimsDomination steals their creations. We DO NOT upload creations without permission and we do not need permission to recommend creations. You can find posts around the internet recommending where you can download mods and other good creations. You can also find many Youtube videos recommending where you can download the creations they used to build houses or create Sims. We work the same: we work recommending where you can download the creations we like.

"Oh, but SimsDomination is profiting with ads" - yes, we need ads to keep the website working for free. All the mentioned websites have ads too. Youtubers also profit with their videos. Again: we really want to understand why they say SimsDomination is stealing their content. WE DO NOT UPLOAD THEIR CONTENT. We work redirecting our users to their websites like any other website and Youtuber.

SimsDomination is totally free! We offer Premium Plans for those who want to remove our ads and use exclusive tools. Other websites do not offer Premium Plans because they don't give the option to remove their ads. But many users asked us to offer plans to remove them. Our ads do not bother our users. We have 3 ads per page. We don't have a countdown page. All you have to do is whitelist us. Why Adblock us?

We offer great tools totally free. You can create your own lists and save the best creations using the Favorite button.

SimsDomination is totally safe! They lie when they say we use ADFly. SimsDom works redirecting users to other websites. So probably you can find other websites using it. We will always warn you about websites using ADFly. But we do not use ADFly.

Updated 24 hours daily. We have a team bringing the best content daily. Totally free!

The suggested creations you find here, you will find around the internet linking to their Tumblr, websites and blogs. Here's a Pinterest page linking to several Tumblr and blogs: pinterest.com/alyshatully18/sims-4-cc

Dear creator, if users won't find your creations here, they will find around the internet. You can't decide where your creations can be shared. You can't say you don't want to have your creations shared on SimsDomination while other websites share them too. We won't stop to link to your Tumblr and other websites. If you don't agree with other websites linking back to your website or Tumblr, create a private website. If you have a public link, so you need to understand that your pages can be shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SimsDomination and everywhere else.

There's nothing illegal with what we do. We are not uploading their content. We are not stealing their content because we don't have their creations uploaded with us. We are redirecting our users to download directly from their websites.

Thanks for the attention,

SimsDom Team.