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Allowance Mod: Give Them Kids Some Money in The Sims 4!

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1 month ago
Hello, fellow simmers! Tonight, I want to present you with a simple yet fun mod for when you want to play with a little more realism: the Allowance Mod for Teens and Children!
What does this mod do? ⭐ It adds an allowance system to your game, so your teens and children can ask and receive some money from their parents! ⭐ How does it work?1. Download the Allowance mod here → https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/227144/allowance-mod-sims4 2. Install the mod to your game. If you’re not sure how to do it, please read this → https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/installing-mods-objects-sims-and-lots-1888 Once installed, you’re good to go! To have your kids/teens receiving an allowance, you need to make them Ask for Allowance from one of their parents. To do this, click the parent, go to Friendly… and choose to Ask for Allowance.
You’ll be prompted to decide whether it’s time for your child/teen to have an allowance or not:
If you decide to give them an allowance, you’ll have to decide which amount they’ll receive:
There will be a notification saying that your child/teen will now be receiving an allowance:
And the child/teen will receive a happy moodlet:
You can check and transfer funds from their account in your child /teen’s PhoneHouseholdAllowance Account:
Sim parents can discontinue the allowance under MeanDiscontinue Allowance:
And teens can Tease About Allowance on their child siblings (under Mischief – can happen autonomously!). Cute, huh? This is, as I said, a simple mod that includes an everyday situation into our game, and I think it’s quite interesting! I hope you find this mod useful! Happy simming!


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