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How to Build Functional Bunk Beds Using Platforms in The Sims 4 - No CC!

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2 months ago
Hello guys, it's me again! And today, I bring you one thing we've always wanted in The Sims 4: functional bunk beds. EA's not really that invested in creating actual bunk beds for us, it's true, but now with the new Platform tool, we can make it ourselves. Follow this tutorial and learn how! Difficulty: Easy What You'll Need: Base Game and whatever packs you own, if you don't want to use BG-only items (I used Kids Room and Get Famous). ⭐ Step by Step1. Build a 2x1 (you can make it bigger, but avoid making it smaller as it may not work properly) platform wherever you want to place the bunk beds. I built it against the wall.
2. Raise the platform four times.
3. Place a ladder so your Sims can climb up.
4. Place the bottom bed right next to the platform.
5. For placing the top bed: zoom in a little on the platform, and drag the bed over it as close to the edge as possible. This can be a little tricky, and it may take some time to get it right. Be patient!
6. Test your top and bottom beds to see if it's working. If a Sim can sit and sleep in it, it's done! 7. Go to your Build Mode again and find something to act as the poles of the bed. Attach the poles to the corners of your bunk bed, or the ends as I did. I chose a room divider, scaled it down one time, and connected it to the footboards. Then, I picked the same divider and attached it to the headboards.
Some suggestions on what to use: Lines in the Wall - Vertical Lines from Eco Lifestyle, the Rain Chain from Snowy Scape (it turns your bunk bed into a suspended bunk bed - which is rad), Llama Co. Outdoor Lantern Post from Seasons, Ninety Degrees from Get Together, the Classic Room Divider from Get Famous (which is the one I used in this tutorial), plus anything that looks like a pole or something you can use to attach two beds from Debug and Live Edit. Be creative! If you have the Better BuildBuy mod (download and tutorial here → https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/better-buildbuy-improve-your-building-game-with-this-powerful-mod-1939), you can type post in the search bar to find debug/live edit posts and poles as well. And now you're done! My Sim Iza will take some rest now!
I hope you liked this tutorial. If you find it useful, let me know by hitting the "helped me, thanks!" button below! Happy simming!


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