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No Mosaic Mod: No More Censored Sims!

Helped 8 players
7 months ago
Oh, censorship. Helpful in many ways, especially when you have kids at home and don't want them to have a sneak-peak on adult human parts through a game like the Sims. But, what if you're a fully-grown human and those pesty mosaics only annoy the *bleep* out of you? What if you want to take a screenshot of your Sims bathing without losing half the photo to that huge pixelated rectangle? The solution is, once again, held in the hands of modders! To remove those annoying pixels, I now present you with the No Mosaic mod.
Difficulty: Easy What You'll Need: https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=533172 [ No Mosaic Mod ] To use this mod, simply download and install it. If you don't know how to download and install mods in your game, read this tutorial: https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/installing-mods-objects-sims-and-lots-1888 :) ⭐ In what situations this mod comes to effect? ⭐ 1. Shower 2. Use the toilet 3. Breastfeed 4. Streak 5. Potty Train 6. Diaper Change Note that it won't make your Sims go nude in situations where they wouldn't be! It also doesn't make your Sim's behavior change, so if they bath/use the toilet in clothes, they'll still do it. Here's an example:
I hope you find this mod useful, any comments or questions, leave it in the comments below. Happy Simming!


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