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Ownable Cars Mod: Bring Cars Back to The Sims 4!

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8 months ago
I don't know a single person that plays The Sims 4 and doesn't miss driveable cars. We used to have them in previous versions of The Sims, and I never really understood why EA decided on their removal. But where there are modders, there is hope. In this quick article, you'll download and learn how to use the Ownable Cars mod to drive your Sims around! Difficulty: Easy What You'll Need: http://modthesims.info/d/558029/ownable-cars.html [Ownable Cars] First of all, download and install the Ownable Cars mod. Enter Build Mode and place the chosen car on your lot. It can be anywhere, as long as your Sim can reach it. I'll put mine right next to my tiny house:
Now switch to Live Mode, and click the car you just placed. Make sure your Sim can reach it! Use the Drive to... interaction:
Your Sim will approach the vehicle, and the map screen will pop-up:
Choose your destination and go! Note: The cars don't have any animations, as the EA meshes used to make the vehicles do not support them. When your Sim arrive at their destination, they'll have a Travelled in Style +3 moodlet. Different cars give different moods!
Did you find this mod useful? Let me know in the comments section, and I see you the next time!


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