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Slice of Life: Bring Real-Life Events to The Sims 4!

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1 month ago
Hello, fellow simmers! Do you like to play life-like scenarios? Then we can agree that telling a story takes a little more than what EA has given us with The Sims 4. People don’t ever get periods, like for real? They don’t even blush when embarrassed! But as it always happens sooner or later, modders come to our rescue with mods and fixes for what EA hasn’t quite achieved. And today I’m more than happy to bring you one of my favorite mods ever: Slice of Life by KawaiiStacie.
What does this mod do? ⭐ It adds physical reactions to emotions, new buffs, menstrual cycle, personality types, and much more to The Sims 4. The features include: Appearance changes - Teary eyes when sad
- Blushy face when flirty or embarrassed
- Red cheeks when drunk - Bruised face when the Sim has lost a fight - Red face when nauseous - Acne - Gaps when a Sim loses a teeth - Dirty hands when filthy - Cuts and bandages when a Sim is injured Personality system Your Sim now can have one of 16 personality types based on the 16Personalities test, and perform personality actions!
Emotion overhaul Instead of the generic “very happy”, “very sad”, “very inspired”, etc, moods, Slice of Life replaces it with better terms like “pumped” or “depressed”.
Menstrual cycle Your Sims now can have periods! Get drunk Sims can be a different type of drunk every time they drink! Acne Sims can now get acne due to not having a skincare routine. Skincare Take care of your Sim’s skin to prevent pimples!
Lose a tooth Now children can lose their teeth! Smartphone Click your Sim and go to the slice of Life menu to open your smartphone and access social media, apps, and more!
Health Your Sims can now get insecure about their appearance, check body measurements, and ruin, fix or increase someone’s confidence. They can also catch the flu, colds, stomach bugs, and get headaches. To cure the sickness, your Sim can visit a doctor or take medicine! Prevention work is possible with vaccine shots, too. Become a social media influencer You Sim can now become a digital influencer and get paid to take photos of them wearing certain brands!
Memory system Your Sims can now gather (and forget) memories of things that happened during their lives. Parties Get invited to parties, receive unexpected visitors, and go to rabbit hole events! More woohoo options Your Sim can now have self-woohoo, one-night stands, and even have woohoo when drunk! ⭐ How does it work?1. Download Slice of Life here → https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/267183/slice-of-life-mod-by-kawaiistacie-sims4 2. Install the mod. If you’re not sure how to do that, please read this tutorial → https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/installing-mods-objects-sims-and-lots-1888 Once you’ve installed this mod, you’ll notice the changes in your game! You can now access the Slice of Life menu by clicking your Sims. I hope you liked this tutorial and that you found the mod useful! Happy simming!


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