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Srsly Complete Cooking Overhaul: Realistic Cooking and Grocery Shopping in The Sims 4!

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1 month ago
Hello, fellow simmers! Can we all agree that The Sims 4 recipes and cooking options are not the most exciting ones? I personally love to cook, and would like more realistic things to experiment with in-game. Am I the only one? Just in case I am not, I’m throwing an amazing mod your way: the Srsly Complete Cooking Overhaul!
What does this mod do? ⭐ It changes the cooking inside The Sims 4 completely, overriding recipes, adding new ones, and bringing grocery shopping into the game! ⭐ How does it work?1. Download the SCCC here → https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/261437/srsly-39-s-complete-cooking-overhaul-3-0-2-by-srslysims-sims4 2. Install the mod to your game. If you’re now sure how, here’s a tutorial → https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/installing-mods-objects-sims-and-lots-1888 Once you’ve installed this mod, open up your game. You’ll find the new Shop For option under your Sim’s phone, computer and tablet:
This interaction will pop up a box for you to choose the items you want to buy, and once you buy it, you'll get prompted that your items will be delivered by mail:
By clicking on your Sim, you’ll also have the rabbit hole interaction Go Shopping. This will send your Sim out and pop up the Buy… box for you to choose the things you want them to buy. Once you’ve chosen what you need, your Sim will be back and the items you bought will be in their inventory!
Your Sim can also return home with a special moodlet, like Iza who came back with a happy moodlet from eating out (she was a little hungry when she went grocery shopping):
Click a stove, microwave, grill, or fridge to access the improved and new recipes:
You can store fruit in the fruit bowl. Simply purchase or collect the fruit, click it in your Inventory and then drag the fruit to the fruit bowl storage area. To see or grab a fruit, click the fruit bowl and choose your option.
You can also buy cookbooks to learn new recipes:
Milk your mature Cowplant (WARNING: you can only milk a Cowplant after the Eat Cake interaction with it – and this interaction can cause your Sim to be eaten by the plant. Be careful!):
And subscribe to a grocery service through any computer:
The package will be delivered to your Sims mail! This mod makes cooking in The Sims 4 much more interesting, right? I hope you like this mod, and if you did, please hit the “helped me” button below! Happy simming!


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