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Take Shoes Off Mod: No More Sleeping and Napping in Shoes!

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1 month ago
Hello there, fellow simmers! Isn’t it strange how Sims never seem to bother sleeping with their shoes on? When I was a teenager, it was a pretty common situation, I have to admit it. But once I’ve grown up, I find it extremely uncomfortable for me to sleep with anything else than light clothing. So it bugs me that my Sims won’t remove their slippers when jumping into bed for sleep/nap. But I’ve found the solution in the form of a simple mod conceived by ShuSanR. The Take Shoes Off While Sleeping and Napping in Bed mod!
What does this mod do? ⭐ It takes the shoes off your Sims once they are asleep in bed. ⭐ How does it work?1. Download the mod here → https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/265091/take-shoes-off-while-sleeping-napping-in-bed-by-shusanr-sims4 2. Install the mod. If you’re not sure how to do that, please read this beforehand → https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/installing-mods-objects-sims-and-lots-1888 With this mod installed, every time your Sims go to bed and they have their shoes on, they’ll take it once asleep. And you’re done! This is my Sims' sleeping outfits, with shoes on (they're cute, right?):
And this is how it gets when they’re asleep:
Once your Sim wakes up, they will put their shoes on again! So satisfying! I hope you liked this mod and that you find it useful as much as I did. Don’t forget to hit that “helped me” button below, always support creators and happy simming!


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