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Tired of the Open Counters from Snowy Scape? Close Them With This Mod!

Helped 4 players
2 months ago
Snowy Scape brought so much to the table, and I couldn't be happier about it. I loved the new gameplay, objects, and building tools. It is nearly perfect, but, as usual, there's always something off in every update. And this one is no exception, as we received open counters with lots of clutter space - with no closed options. So, if you don't want to fill in those counters, you're left with tons of empty niches. Which is not cool at all. How do we fix that? With a clever little mod by LittleDica that allows you to close up those counters! Before:
Download the Snowy Scape Counter Shelves Hidder: https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/255209/close-your-snowy-escape-counters-with-this-simple-mod-sims4 ⭐ How does it work? ⭐ This is an easy-to-use mod, meaning you just have to put it into your mods folder and you're all set. ⭐ How do I use it? ⭐ Find the object by typing littledica in the search bar, or by scrolling down Decorations → Misc. Slide it into the counters you want to close, and you're done!
Notice: Sims won't use closed counters to cook! I hope you find this simple mod useful, if you did, hit the "Helped me, thanks!" button below. Happy simming!


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