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    52 creations found on riekus13.tumblr.com
    Retextures of a Basegame vase Sunflowers
    TC sofa & table set
    ecolors of ATS Sandy’s single and double mattress topped with a duvet.
    Kiwisims4 Peacock bedframes and Ravasheen’s rattan bed recolor
    Rattan Varmplus recolor
    Recolors of Wondymoon’s Antimony Living Pillows
    Essaouira set recolor
    Recolors of @sims4nicolesstuff’s Binh Bowl, Short Vase and Vase with Branches
    Aaron Plates
    Recolors of the Dine Out Floor Vase
    Recolors of Mxims’ Tripp Trapp Highchair and Random poster
    Recolors of Sunday’s & Raventons’ Dune set and Mxims’ posters
    Recolors of ATS’ Kids Backpack
    R13 TS4 Meinkatz Misc
    R13 TS4 Five K Rugs
    R13 TS4 SB Dining
    Recolors of Kerrigan House’s TS4 Florian Tease
    Recolors of Sundaysims’ Laze Rocking chair
    Recolors of MXIMS’ conversion of the77sim3′s hanging shirt#2
    R13 TS4 C PWall Decals
    SWS set recolor
    Recolors of Sandy’s(ATS) Rattan chair and table
    Recolors of Novvas’ conversion of kalethegrey’s Scandi nursery items
    Recolors of Severinka’s Oasis Dining
    Recolors of Slox’ Meri Cabinet. (Included)
    Recolors of Ung999′s Living Siyele
    Brute Walls
    Recolors of a basegame curtain.
    Recolors of @sanoysims Eik Kitchen
    Recolors of @sanoysims Marte lounge chair, blanket and pillow