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Stunning Modern by triciamanly
Blueberry Place by Sparklypotato
Hunter's Retreat Treehouse Cottage (minimal CC) by SimplySimPro
CC-Free Unfurnished Victorian Home by Bow_Chicka_Bow_Wow
Morgan No. 2-A by Aquagloups
Renew | Victorian Value | 2BD 1BR by iSandor
The Tree Cabin - no CC by Jonipoon
Stradella / SAOTA - no CC by Jonipoon
Collection | Simple houses #3 by iSandor
Pleasantdale - (No CC) (Furnished & Unfurnished) by Metamorp
Green Trees 9x - STARTER HOME by tothdiana
Green Trees 18. by tothdiana
Green Trees 3T by tothdiana
Hawkley's Home on the Hill - (No CC) (Furnished & Unfurnished) by Metamorp
Collection | Simple houses #5 by iSandor
Via Veronaville Starters by HugeLunatic
Klein 73. by tothdiana
Collection | Simple houses #6 by iSandor
Tiny Starter Houses (5+1 Lots | 1x1 | Different Styles | Under §20,000 | No CC) by MystAngel
Fern Blue Beach Shack- no CC by Sparklypotato
A Very Pretty Sight (NO CC) by Aquagloups
Container House by Karen Lorraine
1 Shields Road - Starter House by WatermelonSandal
Desiderata Valley's 196 Main Street Revamped by Primavera
Meran 22 - Starter House by tothdiana
Lakeshore Street 48. by tothdiana
6 Shields Road - Starter House with Garden Shed by WatermelonSandal
7 Shields Road - Under 30,000 by WatermelonSandal