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Testers Wanted: Entry Door (new mesh) UPDATE 01.09.2007 by macarossi
Hacienda Luxury doors and windows
TheJim07's 2 Storey Versailles Windows and Doors Recoloured by Michelle
madaya74's TS3 to TS2 Window and Door Recolours by Michelle
Glimpse Of Freedom Glass Door Recolours by Michelle
Smitty Classy's Glass and Grain Recolours by Michelle
Paneled Doors and Windows Set by Raynuss Recoloured by Michelle
SEASONS Door and Window Recolours by Michelle
Bespoke Two Tone Window Recolors by Honeywell
Walnut Door with Windows matching Breeze-Easy Windows and my Recolors of it by gabilei123
In the Window
Recolors of Sheer Glass Window, High Tech Loft Window and Oaktowne Classic Door matching each other by gabilei123
Big Entrance Door and Window Reolours by Michelle
Cooldadx4's Double Hung Window Add-Ons - Slaved by Michelle
Bari Build
Bakery Build
Bespoke Build Set **Updated 7-17-2020** by Honeywell
Cottage Country Recolours by Michelle
Bespoke Build Set: 6 New Colors **Updated 1/1/2019** by Honeywell
Marina’s Sims classic windows in seven woods
Shakeshaft’s Lakeside build set
3t2 conversion of the store's New Orleans Inspired set
wood windows
Arch "Modern House" by AdeLanaSP
Diagonal versions and more sizes for 2story windows by julsfels