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contacts #67 & #68, eyebags #11, freckles #1 by sims3melancholic
Presets, Makeup, Genetics by angissi
EYES N18, PUPIL N03, FRECKLES N06, BLUSH N05 by moonpres
LadySimmer94's Daisy Lil' Freckles
Freckle Juice by desimny
Sagittariah's Dokueki Freckles
catemcphee's FR-04 / Allie's Freckles
Sagittariah's Missa Freckles
Freckles and Moles by ciemnyfeainne
Eyeliner, blush, freckles, lipstick & eyes set by soloriya
-Merci-'s Freckles N07
Sagittariah's Wild Cherry Freckles
turksimmer's Blush + Freckles M172
tatygagg's [Ts4]Taty_Freckles_11
Sagittariah's Oreo Freckles
Kissed' Freckles by simbience
tatygagg's [Ts4]Taty_Freckles_10
MSQSIMS' Freckles NB04
Demure freckles by simbience
tatygagg's [Ts4]Taty_Freckles_09
Sagittariah's Cashew Freckles
Emily Freckles
Eclipse Freckles
Freckles Pack for @okruee
Edwin Freckles by nekochan-simmer
Freckles 01, 02, 03, 04 by soloriya
Seleng's Freckles N4
tatygagg's [Ts4]Taty_Freckles_08
[Suzue] Freckles N2
BABYGIRL SET by user?u=25563073