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CC Makeup Not Working With Makeup Sliders? Fix This With Sims 4 Studio!

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1 week ago
Hello, fellow simmers! Since we got the makeup sliders last year, I've been dying to use them with some of my CC makeup. The problem is, most of them wouldn't work with the sliders except for the Opacity one - I have no idea why. So I turned to the community again, and it turns out someone has indeed created a solution for this: a batch fix in Sims 4 Studio! And now I'll be showing you how to use it to fix all CC makeup in your game. Ready? STEP BY STEP 1. Download Sims 4 Studio here: https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/275973/sims-4-studio-windows-mac-sims4 2. When you first open the program, you'll have to accept an agreement. Read the terms and conditions carefully, select "I accept the agreement," and then hit Next.
The following screen will ask you to add a desktop shortcut, which you can do if you want. Click Next again.
3. Now, Sims 4 Studio is ready to install.
Click Install and let it load, and soon enough, you'll see this screen:
Hit Finish. The program is now ready to run. 4. Open up Sims 4 Studio if it hasn't opened yet. The software will start to load all your game packs immediately.
Once it finishes, you'll see something like that:
5. Insert your Creator Name. Sims 4 Studio uses it for metatags in your projects.
6. Now, at the top-left menu, go to Content Management → Batch Fixes → CAS → Update Makeup.
Click Update Makeup, and you'll see this window:
If the directories are correct, click Run.
7. Let it finish loading. Once it's done, you'll see this:
Close Sims 4 Studio, open up your game, and that's it! All your CC makeup should be working with sliders now. This is the result within my game: Original lipstick
Modified lipstick
I hope you find this tutorial useful! Happy simming!
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