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How to Enhance Your Screenshots For Free With Adobe Spark Online!

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3 weeks ago
Hello, fellow simmers! Want to learn how to edit your screenshots to enhance the quality, for free and without installing any apps? Follow me and I'll show you how to edit your screenshots with Adobe Spark Online! WHAT DO YOU NEED? - Your screenshot. I'll be using this one from my main OCs, Mira and their baby, Hiito:
- Adobe Spark Online, which you can access here: https://www.adobe.com/express/feature/image/editor STEP BY STEP 1. When you first access Adobe Spark Online, this is what you'll see:
Click Start Now. 2. Select the format you want for your photo and click Next:
3. Click Upload and choose your photo:
4. When you first upload your screenshot, the screen will be something like this:
6. If you want to remove the text, simply click it and then hit the trash can icon to delete it:
7. To remove the watermark, click it and then select Remove Once:
8. Now click your screenshot and the Edit Image pannel will appear:
Here you can remove the background for free by clicking the Remove Background button if you want. But for now, I want to keep my background. 9. Scroll down and you'll see the switches for Filters and Enhancements. We'll be using both for this tutorial.
10. Open the Enhancements pannel. You should see something like this:
You can use the settings that best suit your photo. Play around with the controls to enhance the image until you feel satisfied. These are the settings I'm using for my screenshot:
11. Now, this is an optional step. To make my screenshot really pop out, I'll apply the Darken filter and hit the crossed arrows until I find the best setting.
You can test different filters, clicking the crossing arrows to alternate between settings to see which one goes better with your image. You can also add stickers, other images, text, and more to your screenshot if you want! This is my final before and after:
Much better! If you liked this tutorial, don't forget to hit that "helped me" button below. Happy simming!
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