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Make Your Sims Stand Still in CAS With This Mod!

Posted 2 weeks ago
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Hello, fellow simmers! Sims wobbling in CAS is one of those little things that always get me down. Sometimes I need them to stay still while I dress them up! Is it too much to ask? EA seems to think it is, but I know some of us to have a different opinion. That's why I'm bringing you the Stand Still in CAS mod - let's get rid of the teeter altogether!
WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? It simply stops Sims from moving around in CAS, even in close-up/detail mode. It also lifts toddlers from the ground a little in CAS, so it's easier to work with them.
HOW DO I USE IT? 1. Download the mod here: https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/257872/stand-still-in-cas-v1-by-helgatisha-sims4 2. Install the mod. If you don't know how, please read this: https://www.simsdom.com/en/tutorial/downloading-installing-and-activating-mods-and-custom-content-in-the-sims-4-1987 And that's pretty much it! This is a small, simple mod that fixes one single thing, and it may not be helpful for everybody, but I hope it helps someone out there. If you liked this tutorial, please consider hitting that "helped me" button below. Happy simming!
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