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oelands cyan + red
​A bunch of PSD with custom made ribbons
Moodlet Templates for Sims 3
Broadcaster -- A Custom Stereo Music Utility by gamefreak130
Spooky Simlish Fonts by Franzilla
Blender 2.8 GEOM Tools by SmugTomato
TS3 Clean Start for Steam (PC only) by Seraeya
Sunny day a ReShade preset by bloody-personalblog-mary
World Machine for the Sims 3 by potato-ballad-sims
A Guide to Making Speedtree Recolors for Sims 3 by acquiresimoleons
Vibrant & Smooooth Action by briocheport
Ducklings Glow by forducklings
Reshade for TS3 by nnnilou
Simtalic TS3 Froot reshade
C#Script Utility by Battery
marshmallowsims Reshade Presets
TSR Workshop