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Crystalline * 3 eyes sets by kamikitten
Pheromonal Eyes: Custom Recolors + Defaults [UPDATED 02.12.09] by Miss-SKH
EyeSet12 sideway looking eyes by ShojoAngel
EyeSet13 vampire vs demon by ShojoAngel
Frozen Moon -50 eyes- by Vampire_aninyosaloh
Vampire_aninyosaloh's Obscure Life Eyes as Contacts by Vampire_of_Death
'In Too Deep' eye set by dragonmandy
4 more eye sets by dragonmandy
Colorful Eyes by Kmulla
Magnetic Eyes - 20 Shiny Colours! by AndreaCat
Irresistible Eyes by Kayarin
Time Out
Exciting eyes (15 colors) by -Shady-
Angel Eyes-2 sets by dragonmandy
Eyes set
Recolors and Defaults of Unforgettable Eyes by DragonMandy by heaven
Natural Fresh Eye's Colors by xXOctoberXx
Anime Inspired Eyes by Peach-chu
.:Xklusive Eyez:. by Beautiful_Nightmare
Eyes & Make-up
EyeSet14 MyLittleSweetDreams by ShojoAngel
My Gaze - Contact Lenses by Goldeneyes
Ilumination Eyeset and Defaults by Goldeneyes
My Sweetheart's Eyes as Contacts by Goldeneyes
Squeamishsims' Beetle Eyes on DreadPirate's Sclera
Melyse Eyes
Soft Glow eyes / Darkness eyes / Ephemera Sclera Masks
F-IN evo5 eyes as default replacement or non defaults by Navetsea
Outstanding Contact Lenses (Full eyeball) by Goldeneyes