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strawberry cas rooms
Boroughsburg Decades
Shiftable Cabinets Hidden
Dystopian lighting mod
Spooky Sky and Pumpkin Moon Reissue
“TITAN” — Two Default Moon Replacements
Silumeo’s SEP Lower Jaw Enhancer updated to Teen - Elder
Props BEGONE! SHT Recategorizer by enable_llamas
Facial Slider Pack II
Bottom Eyelashes as Default with Top Eyelash for All Sims, even NPC's by Judson
Let them eat cake! - Non-Birthday Birthday Cakes by zoe22
Facial Slider Pack II
New Lifetime Wish - Grilled Cheese! by Spamaccount
RandomGenetics by NeuroBlazer
Facial Slider Pack
Greek Nose Bridg slider
One More Slot Please! (with vertical shifting) [Update 2 Nov 2011] by granthes
The Swordfighting Mod by CyrusBanefort
Motive Mobile Rebalanced & Occult-safe by YamiTheDragon
How old are You Social Interaction by Battery
World Loading Screen Overhaul v2.0 by gamefreak130
Cheek Height slider for All Ages
Happy 20th Anniversary TS3 Loading Screen!
Post Apocalyptic Music Theme by nitromon
Console Stereo Music by gamefreak130
Nostrills & height slider
Chiseled cheekbones slider
UL Degree benefits - careers/skills/traits added & more (ITF compatible) by shiorysm
Golden UI - recolor by gogosOVS
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