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Bob’s Loading Screen - UPDATE by depthofpixels
PastelStyle's Aesthetic Beach - Loading screen
MakykySims' Loading Screen 11
Landscape Escapes Loading Screens by xSwitchback
TS2 CAS Background Screen + 5 Bonus Items! by simsi45
TS2 CAS background recreation for the Sims 4 by Sapocalipsis11
MakykySims' Loading Screen 08
LunaLobaSims' Pride Flag 2020 Loading Screen
Lady Gaga Chromatica CAS Background by Togotica
WarArke's Purple Gradient CAS Background
MakykySims' Loading Screen 06
Loading screens from Kingdom Come: Deliverance (DLC) by satterlly
+10 beautiful gradient loading screen
xGingerSimsx's Walk-in Closet CAS BG 2
MakykySims' Loading Screen 05
LunaLobaSims' Pride Flag Loading Screen
J&W's cas background Luminous
J&W's cas background yard v2
MakykySims' Loading Screen 04
J&W's cas background shade
MakykySims' Loading Screen 03
J&W's cas background Sakura
J&W's cas background tatami
LunaLobaSims' Underwater Loading Screen 2
Gender Neutral Custom Loading Screens
J&W's cas background kamidana
LunaLobaSims' Underwater Loading Screen 1
LunaLobaSims' Underwater CAS Background
MakykySims' Loading Screen 02
Neon Cas Backgrounds