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Articulate, Bewildered, & Piggie Traits by jessienebulous
Mentor Fitness on Max Fitness Sims by Iced Cream
Cat Whisperer Career by SimplyAnjuta
Borderline Personality Disorder Trait by NotoriousRose
Animal Lover Trait by Snowiii95
justasimsaddict: Gatherer Trait
justasimsaddict: Workaholic Trait
Plastic Surgeon Career by marlynsims
justasimsaddict: Drama Queen Trait 2.0
WAP TRAIT by mothersimmer
Brave Trait 2.0 by justasimsaddict
Excitable Trait 2.0 by justasimsaddict
Slalom set
Positive Sim Trait
justasimsaddict: Celebrity Trait 2.0
justasimsaddict: Friends With Nature 2.0
justasimsaddict: Enchanter Trait 2.0
justasimsaddict: Dyspraxia Trait
justasimsaddict: Holiday Enthusiast Trait 2.0
Light Sleeper Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Handy Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Deep Thinker Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Calm Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Freelancer career fix (mod) by Louisim-yt
Natural Cooker Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Loser Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Grandparent Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Picky Eater Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Loyal Trait 2.0 by Snowiii95
Hydrophobia Trait (request) by Snowiii95
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